What has been an unexpected encouragement from the marriage conference thus far?

Preached 3 times yesterday as the marriage conference here at Berean Baptist Church began.  This is a sweet congregation eager to hear the Word and I felt the Lord’s help and grace as I preached.  Many kind and encouraging words about the ministry of the Word were extended to me yesterday, but there was a very meaningful comment given by a young married couple that I did not expect.

This husband with a young family shared that he read a post on my blog 2 years ago about shepherding your children by meeting with each of them individually in a given week.  Much like I shared this example affected me, he mentioned that this post changed his family life as he has put it into practice these last 2 years.  He then shared how this new approach to shepherd the souls of his children had been such a blessing to him and his children.

I continually grow amazed in the way the Lord achieves his purposes in ways we do not know and understand.  A sweet encouragement the Lord gave that has increased my hope that he will work in unknown mysterious ways through the rest of this conference.  Maybe ways I may never hear about.  Possibly, ways I may hear about years later when I least expect it.

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2 comments on “What has been an unexpected encouragement from the marriage conference thus far?
  1. Bob Wiegers says:

    me too! the kids call it our “special time”, so thanks for the inspiration. once a week we sit down together 1-on-1 right before bed time and take time to read the scripture, discuss, draw a picture of it, pray (praises, requests and repentance), review catechism, and sing a hymn. it is priceless, and I intend to keep it up, Lord willing.

  2. Bob Wiegers says:

    we read and discuss the scripture that was preached on the previous Sunday, by the way, which has been a great help for me, as I get to consider it 3 more times a week.

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