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What makes a good preaching book is when it explains how the theology and content of preaching flows into the practical aspects of it.  This is why I highly recommend Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert’s new book, Preach: Theology meets practice.  This book is well-balanced first looking at the centrality of God’s Word in the local church, how to faithfully preach it, then moves to the practical aspects of preparing a sermon, preaching it, and even reviewing it to grow in the future.

On a side note, I have known both these men for over a decade and they both are very qualified and capable counselors and teachers in regard to this particular topic, which is why I have been excited about this book’s release since they started to write it.  My deeply held convictions about preaching in regard to its power and ability to build the church was hammered in me by Mark many years ago and that conviction has only grown.  That conviction is likely to grow in you as you read this book and put it in to practice.  You can find it on sale here.


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2 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s preaching
  1. Dave Dunbar says:

    Now that looks like a book that is both instructive and useful. Thanks for mentioning it — Amazon has my order! 🙂 Might get it read in June, certainly (Lord willing) by July…

  2. Aaron says:

    Might I also very strongly recommend Donald Sunukjian’s “Invitation to Biblical Preaching”? His most memorable strong point (some 5 years after reading it) was using your illustrations to apply your messages very directly to the hearts of your people. This, I’m sure, is an oversimplification, but essentially his message was, ‘quit quoting hokey sermon illustration books and use the real life situations of where your people are at to illustrate and apply your text to a spectrum of the lives of your people.’ He would have you imagine, say 4 different walks of life of your audience, from the 12 year olds to the colllege singles to mid life marrieds to elderly widows, and strive to apply your message to their situation, from rich to poor, godly old saint to brand new believer (and unbeliever). I’ve read a number of other preaching books, and this one hit a grand slam with taking the truths home to the hearts of your people.

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