Visit the Sick…3rd Edition!

If you were wondering why Visit the Sick has been hard to find lately, it is because Day One was in process of printing the 3rd edition, which is now available.  It is hard to believe it was just 4 years ago when this book was first printed.  I never thought I would write books and never wanted to write a blog, but God had other plans.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a 3rd edition of this book to be printed at all.  It seemed the nudge from my pastoral interns to “write some of this stuff down for us” proved to be a kind providence.

Thank you for all those who continue to be a great encouragement to me as we wrestle together through the practicalities of pastoral ministry for the good of our souls as well as our flocks.  Visit the Sick is now available for a great price here.


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2 comments on “Visit the Sick…3rd Edition!
  1. Dan Sudfeld says:

    That book was my first exposure to your writing. I have since followed your blog and now have a “Croft” section, comprised of 3 books, on my bookshelf. Look forward to its continued expansion. Your books and blog are very helpful and a continual resource. Congratulations on the 3rd edition.

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