Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s study

When it comes to biblical theology, there are few scholars I would point you to than my friend, Jim Hamilton. His book, God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment, is a major reason why. This book’s title captures the central theme of the whole of Scripture in that God glorifies Himself by saving his people through judgment. In this meaty, but rich volume, Jim walks through the entirety of the Bible showing how this theme so appropriately runs through it and leads to the ultimate display of mercy and judgment at the cross. Pastors will find this a helpful resource in thinking through the Bible

in this manner as they prepare to preach, as well as devotional labor for their own soul. John Piper would agree as he writes, “I was riveted. Never do I sit down and read sixty pages of ANY book that I get in the mail. But I could not stop—could not stop reading and could not stop rejoicing over God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment. It is the kind of overview of redemptive history Edwards wanted to write. It’s what I hoped would be written.” You can find it almost 50% off here.

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  1. Chris says:

    I have it but haven’t read it. You’ve read the entire thing?

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