Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement

There is a great series that Reformation Heritage Books is doing that I feel will be a particular encouragement to pastors.  It is a short and accessable biographical series called “Profiles in Reformed Spirituality” and in it you will find books about pastors Horatius Bonar, Thomas Goodwin, Lemuel Hayes, Jonathan Edwards, George Swinnock, and Hercules Collins to name a few.  I want to bring your attention to the latest release in this series edited by one of our pastors at our church.  Adam Embry has just released his book in this series on the great puritan, John Flavel.  Adam’s book on Flavel’s writings entitled, An Honest and Well-experienced Heart, in a similar way as these others in this series, functions as a great, helpful, and succinct example of some of this man’s most helpful writings.  Adam and the others in this series have done alot of the heavy research lifting, now you just have to receive the benefit from their labor. You can get a copy of Adam’s book at a good price here.

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  1. Allen Mickle says:

    Great series! I’ve contributed to one on John Gill which should be released next year sometime.

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