What should your first year as a pastor look like?

I received an email from a young man about to be voted into his first pastorate. He asked a very wise and important question that all young pastors should be asking, “What should my first cialisonline-onlinebestrx year look like and how much change should come?” Here was my response with hopes it will serve others in this similar

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position: generic pharmacy Good to hear from you and blessings on your first church pastorate if the vote goes through. There is a very simple pattern you want to follow in your first year and even the first several years: “Preach the Word. Love the people. Don’t change anything.” You must win the trust of the people before you can change anything that will be difficult or controversial. However, I know things will come up. But if at all possible, follow this rule. Remember, the way God changes a church viagra 25 mg is when his word is preached and people are fed and changed by it. It is also through the preaching of the gospel that the goats become visible among the sheep in the church. You will control what comes from the pulpit from the first week you are there and that is the foundation to revitalize a church. Preach faithfully. Sacrifice in caring for those people. Win them as their shepherd. Then change will come as the Lord reveals the right timing to do so throughout the years. This young man http://genericcialis-cheaprxstore.com/ possessed wisdom beyond his years to ask this question. Whether you are entering into your first church, or not, never underestimate the power of the preached word and a diligent, faithful effort to know and care for the flock.  

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4 comments on “What should your first year as a pastor look like?
  1. Random Lutheran says:

    I was given the same advice, but, looking back, it backfired in some ways. While this is great advice in general, sussing out the situation must be done, too. The first congregation I served was happy on an interpersonal level that I followed this advice, but would have been quite happy to change had I pushed for it — and change was what was needed in that parish. Once that first year was up, it became hard to break them out of their old patterns + the new ones which had been set over the course of the year. I’d accidentally let them get away with not changing to start with, when that was what was needed. If the situation is difficult, if the congregation is stagnant, and in similar situations — change is exactly what must be brought. But only when the first two parts of the above advice are followed.

  2. Ben Thorp says:

    Of course, the advice only works if the word is already being preached and the people loved. If they’re not then you’re already changing something….

    • briancroft says:

      Actually, there is already a change in preacher, which is why preaching as you feel is faithful and necessary from the beginning is good. Often times a change in what they are hearing is mixed together with a change in from whom they hear. Be honest in the interview process of what your preaching will be and look like, so they know. This is why preaching for the congregation throughout the interview process like you would preach for them as their pastor is very important.

  3. Drew Ross says:

    I am in the 3rd month of my first pastorate and took the same path you have recommended. I firmly believe that when we reveal Jesus and share the Truth unashamedly, we are changing the very atmosphere of our congregation.

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