On vacation this week…any revelant posts for pastors?

I am on a much-needed vacation this week.  If you have followed this blog for a while now, you know that there have been several posts that were either inspired while on vacation, or addresses the need for pastors to take time off.  Here are a few of those and my hope is that you will read them with fresh eyes and be reminded of the need for pastors to rest, recharge, and give the whole family a break from the rigors of pastoral ministry.

How should a pastor spend his Lord’s day while on vacation?

Should a pastor have a day off every week?

How much vacation time should a pastor take?

Why should pastors regularly take time off?

What might be a surprising way to love your wife?


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One comment on “On vacation this week…any revelant posts for pastors?
  1. Mark says:

    My pastor wrote a really good article you might enjoy… It fits in line with things you normally post too…


    It will be the first post on the list. The one about being encouraged by an older congregation…


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