What is the aim of a pastoral internship in a local church?

To answer this question, I would like to show you part of a note I just received from one of my pastoral interns from the summer.  I do not do this often as it easily can appear like a “pathetic pat on the back.”  Nevertheless, I hope you will be able to see through that appearance and follow the real life experience of one of our interns who articulates well what our aim is at our small church for a pastoral internship with no money in the budget for this ministry.

Thank you for allowing me to be an intern at Auburndale this summer.  It was a time of great learning and enjoyment.  Through this internship and your guidance, I have a better understanding of what pastoral ministry is and looks like.  Although not fully yet, I better understand how being a pastor can be full of times of both great joy and great sorrow.  I have truly learned much from this time of instruction and look forward to applying what I have learned as I continue to serve and attend our church.  Thank you for caring so much about the development of the future leaders of God’s people.  I now have a greater appreciation of Christ, his church, and the responsiblity of caring for his church.

Pastors, just remember you don’t need staff, money, or a course to teach you how to mentor.  You just need a pastor’s heart and a willingness to give your time to those who the Lord is raising up within your congregation and drag them along with you as you pastor your church.

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2 comments on “What is the aim of a pastoral internship in a local church?
  1. Ryan Bebee says:

    Thanks for doing this with me even though I was never an intern.

  2. Nathan Zakka says:

    I may look at a pastor as a person called by god shephard the people of god through eternal life,and he must be mission minded.

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