Practical Shepherding…is Expanding!!

I am excited to announce that Practical Shepherding is now a (in process) non-profit 501 (c) (3).  The growing needs of this ministry have become too great for me to continue in this current format.  Many emails and requests I get from pastors in countries all over the world are not being sufficiently addressed.  Expanding to this status will allow Practical Shepherding to raise money and hire staff with the hope to meet more of these essential needs that are constantly being put before us.

The first of the year, Lord willing, we will be launching a new website that will expand this ministry with the plan to grow and manage more resources to serve pastors laboring in the trenches of pastoral ministry.  This blog will continue to be a major aspect of this expansion.   Many of you have expressed appreciation for this ministry and have asked how you can serve us as we look to expand.  Here are a few ways:

1)  Pray for our efforts to expand.  Ask the Lord of all to bless this venture that would allow more pastors to be trained and cared for, churches strengthened, and Christ’s people nurtured by better equipped shepherds.  Ask God to provide the funding that will allow us to send these resources around the world to needy pastors free of cost to them.  Pray that the gospel and God’s kingdom would more intensely spread to all the nations through those we would reach in our efforts.

2)  Financially give to this expansion.  Pastors, consider leading your churches to put us in your missions budget for next year.  Individuals, consider giving an end of the year gift to us, or commit a certain amount to our budget for next year.  Practical Shepherding is already receiving $10,000’s of dollars of donations as well as hearing from local churches and individuals committing financial support.  I would be grateful and honored if you would consider doing the same and partnering in this way.

If you wish to contribute, go to the Donate Page where you can give through check or Paypal.  Or write us through the Contact Page of an amount you or your church would desire to pledge for next year.

3)  Spread the word about this ministry and what it is all about.  Our aim is to serve pastors and church leaders in an essential, but largely neglected area of pastoral ministry–the hard, practical pastoral grind that every pastor faces.  Let those around you know about this ministry and what we hope to accomplish with this expansion.  Share about any way the blog, books, articles, sermons, or even a personal email exchange have served you, and encourage others to check us out because of it.

Exciting times!  I have often said the Lord has brought Practical Shepherding to this point, despite much effort on my part.  I came to wonder what He might allow us to do to serve pastors with a few funds and some deliberate organization.  I urge you to continue to be a part of this and may all the glory go to our sovereign and good God for whatever He might do through it.

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2 comments on “Practical Shepherding…is Expanding!!
  1. This is really exciting, Brian! Praying for you, brother!

  2. Sam Bierig says:

    Brian! I am so excited that you guys are expanding. Practical Shepherding, and you in particular, was such a God-send to me through my time as a youth pastor in Arkansas. I look forward to meeting up with you at Church in January once we leave from the CHBC internship. I am pumped about God’s kind providence to the ministry there in Louisville.

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