How does a pastor disciple his wife?

Husbands are called to shepherd their wives.  A pastor is not excluded.  In fact, a pastor is to be modeling this spiritual care for the other husbands in his congregation.  And yet, how a pastor disciples his own wife can be a bit of a unique challenge, especially if she is a more mature Christian than her husband.

In light of this, I asked a few faithful pastors, both young and old, what practical ways they have tried to disciple their wives.  Drink in this practical wisdom:

–          Consistent time to read Scripture and pray together.

–          Provide weekly time out for her to go and tend to her own soul.

–          Include her in family worship.

–          Ask her what she found encouraging about being at church on Sunday.

–          A date night where the plan and conversation focus on her.

–          Regularly ask her about specific encouragements and discouragements.

–          Buy her books you think might be helpful for her to read.

–          Offer feedback to a teaching she is preparing to teach.

–          Take her to a conference with you.

–          Send her blog posts that will be a particular encouragement to her.

Husbands and fellow pastors, do not lose sight of all the ways you will grow in your own walk with Christ as you make these intentional efforts to spiritually care for your bride.  If she spiritually grows through your efforts, so will you.

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