How does a girl understand a guy’s struggle with pornography?

For those unfamiliar with my older brother Scott, it is time to be introduced.  Scott is my older and only brother.  He is a lawyer.  He practiced law in Washington DC while serving as the chairman of the elders at Capitol Hill Baptist Church for several years.  By God’s grace, he moved to Louisville last year where I live and now practices law here.  A funny guy.  Excellent preacher.  Enjoyable golfing companion.  Oh yeah…he writes really well.   One of the best writers I know.  He just wrote an excellent article answering this particular question.

He writes for Boundless and is one of the writers called upon to answer questions that are submitted.  A young woman writes a very honest question that I know puzzles many ladies about men, and Scott does a masterful job addressing the difficult questions asked.  You can read her question and Scott’s response here.

As a result of thinking this article would be helpful for pastors dealing with these issues in their churches, as well as an opportunity to give my brother a shameless plug, I commend this article for your consideration.  He also recommends several helpful resources at the end of the article, I too would commend:

Sex is not the problem, (Lust is)  (Josh Harris)

Tempted and Tried  (Russell Moore)

Help!  He’s Struggling with Pornography   (Brian Croft)

Sexual Detox  (Tim Challies)

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ   (Several contributors including Piper, Dever, Powlison, Mahaney, Mohler, as well as Scott Croft)




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One comment on “How does a girl understand a guy’s struggle with pornography?
  1. A Lutheran says:

    Simple: she (and of course this isn’t every woman, as it isn’t every man) takes a look at the stack of romance novels she owns/has read and realizes that she’s been doing exactly the same thing. They can then move forward together, with forgiveness as the key. Specks, logs, eyes, and all that.

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