How can a child minister to an elderly widow?

My 11-year-old daughter has a very special relationship with an elderly widow in our congregation.  I was very encouraged by her effort this past week to care for this lady in our church who endured a very painful anniversary this past week after losing a dear friend last year.  My daughter reminded me of the impact even children can have on the elderly in the church as she on her own accord, baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread, wrote her a note, and delivered them both to this lady yesterday at church.  With my daughter’s permission, here was her note:

Dear Miss…

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and that I was thinking about you last Sunday with Mr. —- 1 year anniversary since his death and praying for you.  I hope you enjoy this bread that I made for you.  Thank you for caring for me and praying for me.  I meant to give you this last Wednesday but we ran out of time sorry about that.


Your beautiful friend, Abby (this woman always calls Abby her “beautiful friend”)

I wanted to exhort you with what my daughter reminded me of this past week.  Do not underestimate the impact children can have as they serve others.  Parents, teach your children at young ages that they can be valuable servants of Christ and show them how they can serve.  Pastors, encourage the kids in your church to know they are never too young to impact and serve the church.  To my surprise, particularly elderly widows.

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