Why am I urging Zambian pastors to preach expository sermons?

For the same reason I urge all other pastors to do the same.  There are all kinds of different  sermons a preacher can preach:  Doctrinal, evangelistic, topical, and several other kinds of sermons that are not bad in themselves and have their place.  But that does not change my deep conviction that the best way to preach God’s word faithfully and accurately is to preach expository sermons.  That does not change the most helpful steady diet for a pastor to feed his people with the word of God week after week is expository sermons.

For those unfamiliar with this kind of sermon, an expository sermon is a sermon that flows and is built completely upon a text, not an idea or topic.  I explained it this way to these Zambian pastors.  Imagine a stack of building blocks where the bottom foundational block is a text of Scripture (not a topic) and all the other blocks are built upon that one block.  There are many reasons I am convinced expository sermons, specifically through whole books of the Bible, are the best, most helpful, and most faithful way for a pastor to feed his people regularly.  But here are a few that seem to keep coming up through discussions with these Zambian pastors, most of them unfamiliar with this approach to preaching.

1)  Expository sermons affirm the authority, power, and sufficiency of Scripture.

2)  Expository sermons help our people know how to read their Bibles as intended.

3)  Expository sermons help keep a pastor focused on preaching God’s words verses human words.

Continue to pray for us.  God is doing many things in the lives of these pastors who have journeyed from 4 different African countries to attend The Copperbelt Ministerial College this week as Jim and I teach.  Yet, if you are a pastor, do not ignore this urging I extend to you also to preach expository sermons as the regular, steady diet to feed your people with the word of God.

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