What is an unexpected book request I received in Zambia?

VisitSick Today, we handed out several free Practical Shepherding books to these hungry pastors Jim Savastio and I have been teaching this week in Zambia.  One pastor approached me shortly after we handed out the books and asked, “How could I get several copies of the book, Visit the Sick?   I have many people in my church and congregation dying of AIDS and would like to know how to better care for them as they die.”  I am rarely speechless, but I had a hard time finding words to respond.

After that exchange, I began to think back and realize when I wrote up a rough version of Visit the Sick almost 5 years ago for my interns, not only did I not have book writing on my radar, but never in my wildest imagination would I have thought to write it so that African pastors could know how to better care for their sheep dying a horrible death with AIDS.  What a great example of what Practical Shepherding is all about and how we want to serve.

Blows my mind of what I have watched the Lord do.  Very humbling.  The new website for Practical Shepherding communicates well what this ministry is and where the Lord has brought us in the last 5 years.   Look through some of its pages if you have not.  See all the Lord is doing and rejoice with us.  Donate if you desire to help us serve other pastors in similar ways as we have done in Zambia.  As my time in Zambia will finish up in the next few days, I am excited about the future ways God in his power and grace will use the resources of this ministry…ways even now I am realizing I cannot fathom.

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