What reason should a pastor want someone to come to his church?

In the midst of my several membership interviews I have done this week, I have heard several different reasons why each person desires to join our church.  Some reasons are better than others, but it affirms that we all evaluate church life differently.  Because of this, pastors can be tempted to preach a certain way, conduct services a certain way, and even be perceived a certain way so that others will want to come to their church.  Spurgeon cuts through the confusion of this competitive culture of church life with these words:

I would recommend you to choose the church of which you would be a member and the pastor whom you would hear by this one thing—by how much of Christ there is in that church and how much of the savor of Christ there is in that ministry!

Dear brothers and fellow pastors, resist the temptation to become a pragmatist.  Just preach Christ and Him crucified.  Love those people God gives you.  We should want to pastor the church that is built on the power of the gospel and nothing else.  We should want people to join our churches for this reason and this reason alone.

So do you?

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  1. Good reminder. Thanks, Brian! I hope things go well for you at the 9 Marks conf. Pastors and their flocks need the ministry that you and PS offer.

  2. Brian,

    Thanks for this. Having conducted a few membership interviews on this past Wednesday evening and more to come in the next two weeks, it thrills my soul to no end hearing why people have decided to ‘belong’ to Cornerstone EFC. The overwhelming response is ‘Because it’s where we’ve found the Word taught and preached.’ ‘We’ve been looking and looking for a place that preaches expositionally and now we’ve found it.’

    I say this, not to laud ourselves in anyway, but to acknowledge that it’s the Word of God faithfully preached and the love of God’s people graciously ministered among one another that draws and keeps people in a church. I’d love to riff on what draws but doesn’t keep them, but that’s a post for another day.

    Blessings on you brother. I benefit from reading your posts a great deal.

    From an ordinary pastor,
    Kevin Sorensen

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