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679216_w185A new day is upon us.  The effort to lead someone in a prayer to “Ask Jesus into your Heart” as been the mantra of Southern Baptist Evangelism for most of the 20th century.  Now consider the release of J.D. Greear’s latest book, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, authored by one of the most well-known young SBC pastors, published by a SBC publisher, and a foreword written by one of the godfathers of the SBC for almost the last 50 years…and we have an official shift in thinking.  A shift, in my opinion as an SBC pastor, that has been needed for a long time.  This book being one of the reasons.  Greear attacks a method in this book that personally left him spinning for years with uncertainty and lack of assurance, as well as countless others, reminding people that salvation comes only by knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly, responding to the gospel in repentance and faith, and that our salvation is based on the promises of God in Christ, not us.

If you know anyone struggling with assurance of their salvation, get this book to them, especially if their confusion and uncertainty is resulting although from good intentions, but a lack of clarity from those who tried to share the gospel with them in the past.

Pastors, read this book and get several copies if you are a pastor of a SBC Church.  I assure you, you will use them.  You can find this book on sale at Amazon in both Hard Copy and Kindle.

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