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There is much in the works at Practical Shepherding in regard to books being written and considered.  Lord willing, we hope to write 15-20 new books in the next 4-5 years for this ministry with the hope to serve you as we have with our current books.  Here are a few updates for you in regard to our current books:

  • The Pastor’s Family book written by Brian and Cara Croft is now available for pre-order at Amazon.  You can buy it on hard copy or kindle edition.  It will be released in August of 2013.
  • I have been written by several of you that Visit the Sick has been hard to find recently.  Glad to update you that it is now available again on Amazon.  Apologies for the delay.
  • There are two 9 marks E-journals I contributed to that are now available on kindle for $0.99 each.  Each full journal is excellent and I encourage you to read each article.  I wrote an article on Church Revitalization on “Revitalize” and the creation and design of our city-wide pastoral fellowship on “Wanted.”

Exciting days ahead for us!  Pray the Lord gives us wisdom and discernment as we continue to seek his will for this ministry.

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