Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s discipleship ministry

533341_w185First things first. If you haven’t read the classic work by J.C. Ryle, Holiness, you need to start there. It is a classic work that explains the helpful balance of the freedom of the gospel, yet our call to reflect the holiness of God in our life with a winesome quality that few have like Ryle. The timelessness of Ryle’s work affirms

its value. However, if you are looking for the modern equivalent of Ryle’s book in both biblical truth and a clear writing style, you need to pick up Kevin DeYoung’s book, The Hole In Our Holiness. With many confused on where does the freedom we have in Christ meet the demands of Christ to display our gospel transformation, DeYoung does a masterful job helping us love the gospel more that naturally move us to desire to reflect the character of God in our manner of life by that grace. This book would be a great tool for the pastor’s own sanctification as well as for the discipleship of his congregation. You can find DeYoung’s book at an excellent price on Amazon for both Hard Copy as well as Kindle.

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