What are 8 painful lessons my pastor friend learned about pastoral ministry?

Although painful, sometimes the best lessons are learned from our mistakes.  God certainly teaches us in this way, especially pastors.  Many of you read Part 1 of an insightful article from my good friend, Kyle McClellan entitled, “Mea Culpa: Learning from Mistakes in Ministry (part 1).”  In it and with a unique writing style, he gave you a bit of his background that demonstrated the pain he had endured as a result of an arrogant attitude in some difficult church situations.  Now that Kyle has gotten your attention that he may have made a mistake or two throughout his 4 churches in 10 years, he now brings us the lessons themselves in Part 2 of this article series.  Here is the first lesson:

Lesson One: Why a big, theological melon will not overcome a sinful, selfish heart when you’re a pastor.

The purpose of theological education is to prepare you to serve the church, not to give you a theological arsenal to unleash upon unsuspecting congregants.  You’ve got to love being a Jesus follower more than you love being right, or the smartest dude in the room.  If my love for Jesus is not cultivated on a daily basis, then my love of being a pastor will take its place in my affections – and believe me, it’s a poor substitute.

Pastors, these lessons are as good as gold.  Read them.  Consider them.  Learn from the wisdom my friend has gained and avoid the pain he endured.  You can read the rest of Kyle’s article and these 8 lessons here:

Mea Culpa: Learning from Mistakes in Ministry (Part 2) By: Kyle McClellan


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