Brian Croft’s Interview with 20 Schemes.

Our church had the honor of having two dear friends of mine with us on a Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago at Auburndale Baptist Church.  Matthew Spandler-Davison and Mez McConnell are two gifted men who, in addition to being pastors of local churches, founded and operate 20 Schemes.  20 Schemes is an important and unique church planting movement to take the gospel throughout the Schemes of Scotland.  I am a member of the advisory board of 20 Schemes and I urge you to become more familar with this ministry if you are not and pray about ways you can be apart of this work.

Since I had these men at our church on a Sunday evening, I conducted an interview with them both in front of our folks about 20 Schemes.  Listen to this interview and hear about all the Lord is doing in this exciting ministry and how you can get involved.  To listen, click on the link below:

20 Schemes Interview with Matthew Spandler-Davison and Mez McConnell.

I cannot share my excitement about this ministry with you too much nor commend it to you enough.  I am convinced this is one of the most unique and important church planting movements that exists in the world.  For this reason, Practical Shepherding is in partnership with them and encourage you to be as well.  For more information, contact 20 Schemes through their website.  There are some excellent videos to inform you better about the ministry and how you can help.   You should also check out their blog where Mez regularly blogs.

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