Is there a unique and meaningful role women can play in preparing the Lord’s Supper?

We have discovered one.  Though most roles in preparing and serving the Lord’s Supper in many churches are played by men, certain women play a very significant role in the preparation of ours.  For those unfamiliar with the common practice of Southern Baptist Churches, the Lord’s Supper is done once a quarter (4 times a year) and small tiny crackers (size of a thumbnail) are often used as the bread.

In response to a dear friend challenging me on trying to change our practice to make this experience more meaningful, we made a few changes from the norm.  We changed the frequency to once or twice a month.  Instead of using small, stale crackers we began using real bread (one loaf broken during the presentation for visual effect and the other cut into pieces and passed out).

This is where some precious ladies in our church play a meaningful role in the Lord’s Supper.  The bread used for the Lord’s Supper is made by a certain lady in our church and is brought the day of the Lord’s Supper.  The bread is fresh.  It is visually appealing.  The joy these ladies feel in being able to serve the church in this way is tremendous.

Imagine the appreciation the congregation feels knowing someone has labored to bake this bread to serve them.  Imagine the joy that lady in the church feels as she watches the entire congregation partake of the bread she made that represents the body of our Savior.  This has proven very meaningful to all involved and has enhanced our experience as a congregation every time we come to partake.

I know this scenario proves more difficult depending on size of church and method of coming to the Table.  Nevertheless, I encourage you to find a way for ladies to appropriately serve in this area, as it has done nothing but enhance our unity as a church and communion with Christ at the Table.

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