What is an easy and important way to help support 20 Schemes?

Many of you know my love for Scotland and the investment I have made there in the last few years.  My involvement and support of 20 Schemes is a major fruit of those efforts.  20 Schemes has now developed a very easy way for just about anyone to support this ministry in an important way.  You can help support 20 Schemes plant new churches and revitalize dying churches in the poorest areas of Scotland by pledging only $10 a month.  It is an opportunity they are calling “10 for 20.”  You may not be able to train pastors and send them, go yourself, or give a large amount of money to help.  But most anyone can give $10 a month.  This is one of the most significant and strategic gospel movements I know of in the world right now.  I strongly encourage you to watch the video below and be a part of this opportunity to support this ministry by clicking the link below.

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