Practical Shepherding Updates…

Exciting times continue.  Here are a few important updates for your interest:

  • The Pastor’s Family book I wrote with my wife will be released in a few weeks.  You can order it now on Paperback, Kindle, or audio book.
  • ONE8 Bootcamp, Aug. 5-6, 2013:  I will be opening and closing this conference with two plenary sessions.  The theme is “Shepherd the Flock.”  You can see the details about this conference and how to register here.
  • PRTS Conference, Aug. 22-24, 2013:  I will also be speaking at this conference.  I am scheduled for one plenary session, a breakout session, and a member of the Friday evening panel discussion.  You can see details on this conference and register here.  Practical Shepherding will also be given exhibit space at this venue.
  • Yesterday, I signed a contract to write my next book with Zondervan again.  It will be a follow up to the Pastor’s Family book on The Pastor’s Ministry.  My hope is that this book becomes the foundation for our long term vision for Practical Shepherding.  I am excited with the partnership we have with the good folks at Zondervan.

I hope to see you in August at one of these two conferences.  Come find me and allow me the honor of meeting you!

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