How should a pastor approach visiting a church member in the hospital when he/she shares a room with someone?

Though a semi-private room is frequently seen as an inconvenience, we should recognize it as a great opportunity.  We must always be polite, respectful, and sensitive so that we do not disturb other patients when attempting to see those we have come to visit.  Nevertheless, always assume the attentiveness of the person in the ‘other bed’ as we visit.  Remember, whatever Scriptures, prayers, kind words, truths of the gospel, and hopeful promises of God we share with those we have come to visit will be heard by the other patient in the room.   The power of the Holy Spirit can reveal the truth of the gospel to him/her in the same way it can to whom we are directly visiting and speaking.  As you leave use pastoral wisdom to discern whether God has provided an opportunity to minister to the other patient.

Pastors, do not underestimate the way the Lord works in these moments.  When we visit a hospital, we are given the opportunity to minister, not just to the person we came to visit, but nurses, doctors, those bringing food and cleaning the rooms, and yes, the person in the other bed.  Visit always mindful that God may want to do more than you have considered and use you as his appointed instrument.




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