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pastorsfamilyI have no intention to post every review on our newest book – the pastor’s family.  That’s annoying.  However, those who know Tim Challies understand he typically sets the bar pretty high and is the go-to authority on the newest Christian books released.  Yesterday, Tim posted a very kind review on our book and I thought I would link it for the “seven people” who for some reason follow this ministry but do not regularly check Tim’s excellent and very popular blog.  Here is a portion of Tim’s review:

I admit it: I sometimes grow weary of hearing about all the challenges faced by pastors and pastors’ wives and pastors’ kids. Is a pastor’s vocation really so different from any other? Can it really be such a challenge to the rest of his family? Could it be that pastors are just a little too sensitive about the whole thing?  I haven’t been a pastor long enough to speak with a whole lot of authority. But a few years into this life, I can at least vouch that a pastor’s family does face a number of unique challenges, challenges that are different from those faced by a small business owner or salaried employee. (I have been both.) Pastoral ministry is a difficult calling not just for a man, but for his whole family.

Brian Croft has a burden for practical matters of pastoral ministry and writes often at He has teamed up with his wife to Cara to write The Pastor’s Family. This is a book that calls a pastor to the task of shepherding his family through the challenges of pastoral ministry.  It took only a few pages for the book to help me grasp something that should be obvious but that had largely escaped me until now. Much of what makes a pastor’s challenge unique as he shepherds his family does not come from the church but from his own heart. In the chapter titled simply “The Problem,” Croft shows that pastors face internal demands of approval, appearance, success, and much besides. These are expectations the pastor places upon himself and they can soon come to control him and to dominate his decision-making…

Read the rest of Tim’s book review here.

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