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517ApQSjk9L__SY346_I am almost done with this amazing book, so I thought I would go ahead and let you know about it.  Iain Murray has an ability to tell a story like few can.  He has dug into the unknown to write a biography about a very obscure 19th century pastor who played a most important role.  Archibald Brown was one of the most important friendships in the life of C.H. Spurgeon.   Because of Spurgeon’s great popularity, history has largely overlooked Brown’s significance, but this masterful book, Archibald G. Brown: Spurgeon’s Successor, that Murray has written hopes to give him his proper place in church history.

Spurgeon admitted Brown into his pastor’s college at the age of 18, which  was very rare for Spurgeon to do considering his age.  This speaks to the extraordinary gifts Spurgeon saw in this young man.  For the next 30 years as Spurgeon’s church grew, so too did Brown’s church on the east end of London.  Spurgeon mentored this man and grew to love him and his ministry dearly.  There is a very moving section in the book as Brown was called upon to lead much of the funeral service for Spurgeon after he died.  This book is not only historically helpful, but captures the friendship of Brown and Spurgeon in a way that models the kinds of relationships we as pastors should have in our life.  We need other men to walk with us in tragedy, counsel us in hard pastoral matters, fight along side us to defend the faith when other will not, and care for us when we are physically ill and struggling.  So too was the friendship of Brown and Spurgeon and it is compelling to read about in this book.  I have read much on Spurgeon, but this provided a side of Spurgeon that was new to me, so enjoyable, and showed once again why he was so special.

Pastors, looking for a good biography to encourage your soul and celebrate what God did in this unique time of 19th century England.  One of the best I have ever read.  Get it here.

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