What is the purpose of The Pastor’s Family book?

pastorfamilyI received an encouraging email last week from a young pastor who

read The Pastor’s Family with his wife. This brother’s kind words captures well what Cara and I hope this book will accomplish, so I thought I would share it with you as you consider how best to use it:

I am a husband, father, and a 27-year old senior pastor. I’ve been at our current church for almost five years now, right out of Seminary. Your book The Pastor’s Family has served my wife and I in a way that I cannot express in words. Thank you, brother. We are so thankful for you and your wife’s honesty and encouragement in the book. Despite the numerous challenges in the church we have faced (split, financial crisis, embezzlement by staff, etc.), the hardest challenge I’ve faced yet has been balancing ministry at church and ministry at home. By God’s grace, He has used His Word, people in our lives, my wife’s patience with me, and your book to help us grow in this area. By no means have we perfected it (does it ever happen?), but we are growing in strides. I say all this to say, although we have never met, we are extremely thankful for you and Cara.

I would urge pastors not just to read the book, but read it with your wife and engage with her in these matters. You may be surprised what she might finally have the courage to say she has not been able to say until now. The Pastor’s Family is now available and on sale in Paperback, Kindle, and Audio book.

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