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My dear friend, Jeremy Walker has written another helpful book that will serve pastors and those in their congregations.  It is called, Life in Christ.  I commend this man and his work!  Here is my endorsement you will find on the back of the book:

One of the most neglected topics of our day happens to be one of the most essential aspects of our Christian lives our union with Christ. You will be grateful to know that this gaping hole is being wonderfully filled with Jeremy Walker’s new book, Life in Christ. Jeremy writes with a theological precision, exegetical clarity, and pastoral sensitivity that promise this book to be a very useful resource not just for those seeking to grow more in Christ but even unbelievers needing to know why Christ is to be so treasured. Read this book and prepare to be amazed afresh of what it means for us as sinners to be in Christ and partakers of his heavenly reward.

You can find Life in Christ for a good price on both Paperback and Kindle.

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