What are the basic requirements for your pastoral internship?

Auburndale Baptist Church

Pastoral Internship (no salary)

4 month period (8-10 hours weekly)



1)   Weekly one hour meeting with Brian

  • Book Discussion
  • Check in on goals and project
  • Scriptural basis for pastoral ministry
  • Q and A

2)   Book Assignments

  • Visit the sick
  • Prepare them to Shepherd
  • Conduct Gospel-centered Funerals
  • Care for widows
  • Gather God’s People
  • The Pastor’s Family
  • The Pastor’s Ministry

3)   Service Review

  • One Hour commitment
  • After Sunday evening service

4)   Monthly Pastor’s meetings (Sunday)

  • Pastor/Staff lunch (12:00 pm – 1:30 pm)
  • Pastor’s meeting (1:30 pm – 4:30 pm)

5)   Prayer Guide

  • Follow for daily prayer time
  • Discipline of praying for members
  • Learn our system of soul care

6)   Attendance requirement (1x):

  • Hospital
  • Funeral
  • Widow’s home
  • Abortion clinic
  • Worship service planning
  • Deacon’s meeting

7)   Visitation Project

  • Regularly in member’s homes
  • Intentional agenda
  • Cultivate physical and spiritual care
  • Real ministry with real people

8)   Personal soul care goal

  • Address an area of the heart (fear of man, pride, inadequate, etc.)

9)   Family soul care goal

  • Address an area of intentional spiritual care for wife and children (Prayer, Scripture reading, family worship etc.)

10)                  Personal ministry growth goal

  • Address an area of giftedness, or lack thereof to further develop.
  • An awareness of a personal quality, mannerism, or quirk that would have a negative effect on someone.


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5 comments on “What are the basic requirements for your pastoral internship?
  1. Paul says:

    Question, this is great and all, but how does this intern pay for his food, shelter and other expenses? Is he expected to have another job on the side?

    • Brian Croft says:

      Great question. All our interns are either in school and/or working to support themselves. They make the time to do this, but the fact that they support themselves is how we are able to do this without any money in the budget. This causes me to be very flexible with how we schedule things with them. All our interns are already members of our church and typically settled in life in Louisville and our church. That helps. Those in school, usually take less of a load and make this part of their school time.

  2. Gareth Russell says:

    Intriguing. This is very different to common practice for conservative evangelicals in the UK.

    We commonly offer apprenticeships of 1-2 years that usually involve 1 day a week on a training course (teaching Bible handling skills etc.), involvement in the church admin, shadowing ministers and work in a specific ministry. We’ll also usually provide accommodation and a £100 per week living allowance.

    It’s been phenomenally successful here and most men at Seminary will have done an apprenticeship and have benefited from real pastoral experience.

  3. Dustin Carpenter says:

    What do you do at the abortion clinic? I am very interested!

    • Brian Croft says:

      We have some guys who go down every Saturday morning and do street preaching at the city abortion clinic. They also try to peacefully talk with the ladies coming for abortions to try and urge them to not go through with it. Folks are standing there praying also. Hopefully to share the gospel with them. It is very intense. Much hostility towards the Christians there. I send them to see the ministry and experience the hostility first hand. Very impactful for those who have never faced this.

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