How do you encourage a widow whose husband has been gone for many years?

The best way to care for a widow of many years, is not to forget the loss they felt a long time ago is still real today.  The pain never goes away.  They may learn better how to live alone, keep themselves busy with life, but the void always remains.  Here is a practical suggestion that my amazing wife inspired: Visit them and surprise them with a gift they were not expecting.

Recently, my wife and our kids spent a day making chocolate candy.  They had made so much that my wife suggested they take some to the widows of our church (my wife is full of good spontaneous ideas).  My kids were thrilled, so they loaded up on a hot 100 degree day, packed the candy in ice, and went to several houses of the widows in our congregation.

It was amazing how grateful each lady was to see Cara and the kids.  How grateful they were for the chocolate and just the company.  This is a great way to encourage our widows of many years who often feel forgotten in the busyness of our lives and the passing of years.  Do it in faith, as you never know how your willingness to serve in this way will be used by God.

Cara had no idea that one widow in particular who they visited that day was facing an especially difficult day-the day of her husband’s tragic drowning 39 years ago.  That widow shared with me that next Sunday how much of a gift from God it was that they came to see her that day.

Take time to visit the widows.  Take your kids.  Make something with the kids and allow them to take whatever goodies you make to the door.  Go visit a widow this week and anticipate that God will use you to encourage and minister to that lonely saint in unique ways that will remind them Christ and his people have not forgotten them.

One more thing.  Leave a few samples behind for Dad when he comes home.  He will appreciate it…trust me.

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