Who is writing the foreword for The Pastor’s Ministry?

pastor's ministry

Very excited about this book coming out next spring.  It is my pastoral theology in one book and will function as the foundation for all of our Practical Shepherding resources.  I just received the foreword for it today from H.B. Charles Jr. and here is a sample of it:

In The Pastor’s Ministry, Brian Croft calls pastors back to the basics. Brian has a heart for the gospel, the church, and the glory of God. And he loves pastors. I have benefited from his mentorship from afar through the resources found in Practical Shepherding and the books he has written. And I heartily commend this clear, biblical, and practical explanation of the work of the pastor to every man of God who desires to hear the Master say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

H.B. Charles Jr., Pastor, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church

The Pastor’s Ministry is available for pre-order here

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