What is Church Revitalization?

Recently, I met with a group of pastors each of whom is in a challenging church revitalization situation.  We had a very fruitful conversation about the difficulties that usually accompany taking an existing church.  Although this idea is not nearly as popular as church planting, I would argue it is just as needed and important.  Yet, it is hard to have helpful discussions about church revitalization if we do not know what it is exactly.  What is church revitalization?  How is it different from church planting?  Here are 5 characteristics that help begin to define the work of church revitalization:

5 characteristics of church revitalization:

1)      It is an effort to revive an established, but struggling church.

2)      It mandates a change in direction.

3)      It requires patience and understanding with those there before you.

4)      Its goal is to become a healthy, diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church.

5)      Its purpose is to display the glory of Christ to the world.

I wrote an article about the 5 unexpected lessons I learned from church revitalization on a 9 marks ejournal on church revitalization.  I commend them both to you as you think through this idea of church revitalization.

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    Simple. Clear. Helpful.

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