10 Exciting Practical Shepherding Updates!

The Lord continues to bless us as we look to expand in 2015.  In light of that, we wanted to give 10 updates on this ministry that might encourage you and move you to pray for us in this new year:

  • We have seven new books being released this year through three different publishers.
  • We are in the process of finalizing the workshop schedule.  It looks as if we will be doing 8-10 workshops in 2015.
  • We started monitoring which countries visit our website.  We have pastors and leaders in over 100 countries visiting our website every month!
  • We hired our Executive Director, Scott Wells, to full-time and that has allow us to expand in ways we could not manage last year.
  • We are getting many requests for different translations of our books.  Thinking through how wisely to approach that, but excited about the possibilities.
  • Our Pastor’s Fellowship for Practical Theology we started here in Louisville has grown to over 100 pastors and has become a catalyst for other pastor’s fellowships around the country to form.
  • Brian continues to meet and mentor young pastors one-on-one and consults with churches and their leaders as they struggle through different issues.
  • Our strategic partnerships with other ministries and churches continues to grow and is opening up unique opportunities to care for needy pastors.
  • We anticipate more new web content with new contributors this next year than ever before.  Contributions from other pastors in the grind of ministry with you.
  • We are receiving more requests than ever for international help in training and equipping pastors around the world we look forward to try to address.

Thank you for those who support our ministry in many different ways.  Thanks for praying.  Thank you for your encouraging words.  If you would like to give to help us move forward in these ventures for this new year, here’s how to become a partner with us.  Or, just give a tax-deductible gift here.  It is a huge help and we need more individual partners for this exciting work to continue!

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