Should I Plant or Revitalize A Local Church?

Here is the sermon Brian Croft preached today at The Chapel Service of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary answering this question…kind of.

“Should I Plant or Revitalize A Local Church?”  (Titus 2)

Watch, Listen, and find out…

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2 comments on “Should I Plant or Revitalize A Local Church?
  1. Bill McCabe says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am currently writing my dissertation for the DMin degree at Midwestern Baptist in Church Revitalization. I have a particular interest in the sustainabilty of a long established church that has been revitalized. You message has given me some tremendous insights from Titus. Do you have any additional comments as to this topic of sustainabilty?
    Thank you

  2. steven says:

    Thanks for this Pastor Croft! Encouraging and Edifying!

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