Mea Culpa: The story behind the book

I have known Kyle McClellan for over fifteen years. I have watched him in each of his ministry posts and the struggles and sufferings he endured in them. About two years ago, we were together reminiscing about those past days and I was struck with how powerful God’s redemptive grace is in Kyle’s story and life. I pressed him to write a manuscript about his story. He hesitated, after all, who wants to write

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a book about the mistakes we make? That should already tell you something about my good friend. I asked if he would write this amazing story, I would help find a publisher because I believe every pastor needs to know Kyle’s story. In many ways it is every pastor’s story. It was first published in the form of two articles which you can find here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Two years later the book has been written, the publisher was found, now it is finally available. Every pastor and aspiring pastor needs to get this book and read it. Rejoice in God’s amazing grace and learn from a broken, but wise man who wrote it. What I wrote in the foreword best sums up this book and why you need to get it:

The more I work with pastors all around the world, the more I am finding that those who have terrible experiences pastoring a church often leave the ministry altogether. The hurt and pain is just too much. Such is not the case for my dear friend, Kyle McClellan, who wrote this book. Kyle shares some of the lessons he learned in those painful years with a raw transparency that is refreshing and engaging to read…Kyle McClellan has gone into a church “with guns blazing” and he was quickly fired. He has experienced the disappointment of unmet expectations and left because of this. He has pastored a destructive church that chewed him up and spat him out. He has felt the pull of the bigger and better church trying to woo him away. He has faced the burnout and fatigue that many pastors experience that causes them to bail. Read this book. Learn from him. Receive the essential lessons from a wise, broken man who has lived it, possesses the scars from it, owns the T-shirt and yet by the grace of God still stands.

Find this book at amazon on paperback and kindle for a great price.

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