How does a pastor minister to victims of sin?

Answer: Often it is out of our own suffering.

This is commonly how God works in our lives by his grace and pastors are no different.  This is true for my friend and pastor, James Carroll.  James grew up a pastor’s kid and played the role quite well.  His world was turned upside down when his father’s sin imploded his family and James and his mother was abandoned by him.  James’ father left his family and ministry without any warning and this left James and his family in a very confusing, awkward place.  It is a testimony of God’s grace that James would even want anything to do with the church, and yet here he is in God’s kind providence a pastor, writing on this part of his life for your benefit.

Needless to say, these two articles James wrote from those experiences and the lessons he learned are gold and worth your time.  His suffering has produced a wisdom beyond his years.  You can link them below.  I am confident James’ story of God’s grace in tragedy will bless you as it did me and instruct you how to minister to those harmed the imperfections of Christ’s church.

Lessons learned Part 1

Lessons learned Part 2

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