Why should Christians come together to hear God’s Word preached in person every week?

By: Brian Croft

Modern technology provides many benefits. Information can be exchanged at an unprecedented rate. The level of productivity can be astounding. Face-to-face conversations can be had with people halfway around the world. But there are also dark sides to this technology. We as Christians are very aware of the many common snares of this modern technology, not least of which is the ease of access to pornography. For Christians who are trying to walk in purity and holiness, the challenge begins with the confrontation of lurid images and tempting captions on seemingly innocuous websites such as Facebook and news outlets.

There is, however, a more subtle snare lurking in this world of immediate access to information that affects Christians in a unique way: the temptation of allowing online sermons to displace one’s commitment to hearing God’s Word preached in person alongside fellow covenant members at the place and time where their local church gathers. Don’t misunderstand: listening to sermons online is generally a good thing. But when it takes the place of gathering with God’s people to hear God’s Word in person from the appointed shepherd of your soul, much of what God intended for our growth as followers of Jesus gets lost.

Here are five important reasons why it is essential that every Christian gather with other Christians in the same local church weekly to hear the preaching of God’s Word from the undershepherds of that congregation.

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2 comments on “Why should Christians come together to hear God’s Word preached in person every week?
  1. Tom says:

    I don’t believe your five points fully support your argument.
    1. I hear God’s Word preached by Andy Stanley on a podcast or watch & hear Tony Evans on YouTube.
    2. I can hear my pastor’s sermon online as well as in person.
    3. I do agree that being in attendance can sometimes better connect me to the pastor BUT when he preaches for 55 minutes I’d rather not be there.
    4. I believe the Holy Spirit is within me, not the room I share with several hundred others.
    5. Discipleship is commonly one-on-one but never more than three-on-three. Filling in the blanks on the sermon insert is NOT discipleship.

  2. Tim says:

    God’s word is clear that his word is to be preached. But scripture never says:
    1. Preaching is a lecture- all interaction or questions are a distraction from truth
    2. Only one man does all the talking. Shared preaching where several brother participate together is must be improper.
    3. Preaching must be done by a hired expert. Business men just don’t have the spiritual anointing or gifting or something that men who devote all their time to the scripture will possess. False teaching will be more prevelant with non-professionals participating.
    4. Preaching is only for those who have a “higher calling” from God to “the ministry”.
    There are scriptures used to justify these things because these rules are very strictly practiced. All the seminaries teach these. All the hired experts agree. I have looked up all these verses and all of them do not specify or even come close to justifying these very narrow assumptions. I have a problem with preaching in the church as you define preaching. Preaching on the internet is just far removed from ascriptural basis as live preaching, You know one of the scriptures you mentioned, about “not fosaking the assembly” specifically mentions a gathering dominated by “one another” communication “considered” in advance by all the believers. When believers gather for a lecture they are forsaking the assembly this passage calls for. Have I misunderstood the scriptures on this?

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