How can you engage a stranger in a spiritual conversation the Monday after Easter Sunday?

All Christians should be looking for ways to engage in spiritual conversation with others with hopes to talk about the gospel.  Yet, many struggle to see when those doors are open or how to try and open them.  Here is one easy way to engage others in a possible spiritual conversation that I was taught many years ago and has proven quite effective when asked at the right time.  The only caveat is it has to get asked on Monday.  Since yesterday was Easter Sunday where many unchurched people attended services somewhere, today maybe the best Monday to try this.  The question is…

“What was the sermon about yesterday on Easter Sunday?”

You would be amazed at some of the responses I have gotten over the years when I ask this on a Monday.  Responses have varied from a joyful response of a good, fruitful sermon heard by a grocery clerk to a tearful confession of skipping Easter Sunday from a bank teller (Apparently that’s worse than missing a regular Sunday).  There is the common reaction of the awkward silence of shock from someone blindsided by the question.  Of course, if you try to engage this way, you will eventually be asked the same question back and you’d better be ready to respond.  Pastors, you have no excuse not to remember the sermon you just preached the day before about the resurrection of Jesus.

So then, if you read this post in time, try it today.  You may experience a very encouraging conversation with a fellow believer in Christ.  You may remind a straying church member of their disobedience of forsaking the assembly (Heb. 10:25).  Who knows, God by His grace may just open a chance to share the gospel with someone as you recount the faithful word preached to you or by you the previous Sunday that Jesus is indeed risen.

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