How does a pastor get motivated to train and send out his best from his church?

I hear from pastors and churches all the time who struggle to train and send people into the ministry.  The biggest hindrance they share is that they do not want to raise up, train, then send their best people to go serve somewhere else.  I get this.  It is hard to send out your best.

This random email I received last week from one of my best just sent to be a pastor a year ago captures well why it is still worth it, although it is very difficult to see them go.


I just wanted to send you quick email letting you know how much I appreciate all the time/energy you invested into me and my future ministry.  It’s amazing how much I rely on the things I learned from you during my time at ABC.  Just recently I ministered through my first two funerals, and I would have been lost without your guidance, both from your book and the two funerals you brought me along to see.  (Our conversations and the section of your book that walked through the conversations with the family before the funeral were especially helpful.)

I thought you might like to hear some feedback from someone almost 1 year graduated from your instruction and guidance.  I prayed for you, your family, and ABC today, and was just appreciating the many, many ways that God grew me through my time with you all.  Be encouraged that the work you are doing, investing in young guys preparing for ministry, is worthwhile – even though you may not hear that very often.  

Thank you for being such a godly example to me and my family, and if you guys need anything, never forget that we are here and love you.

I get it.  It is hard to invest and train leaders, then send them out.  It is hard to deeply love others only to let them go.  But I am reminded in encouraging notes like this that despite the real personal loss pastors and churches feel, it is still worth sending them.  Pastors, pour yourself into young men and women.  Train them.  Raise them up.  Send them out.  Prepare for the blessings to come to you and your church as you share in the mighty ways God uses those sent out from your midst to build his kingdom.
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