What Is Christ’s Grand Vision for his Church?

A New Article By: Bob Kellemen

As I consult for

local churches, I repeatedly hear the concern that “our church seems to be going in a million different directions.” We need a biblical vision that perceives the grand story God is writing and our role in it as His church. This starts as we understand the résumé of pastors and of God’s people. In Ephesians 4:11-16, Paul highlights the Bible’s most powerful, focused vision statement for the church. This passage offers God’s ministry description for church leaders and for every member. By distilling the essence of God’s call, Christ’s vision captures our imagination and motivates the shift in ministry mindset that changes everything.

8 Words Describing Every Pastors Calling from Christ: The Résumé of Pastors

Most pastoral search committees would be thrilled to read a candidate’s résumé that demonstrated the ability to preach, counsel, and administrate. Most seminaries would be delighted if graduate exit interviews indicated that pastoral ministry students perceived

that their seminary training equipped them for preaching, counseling, and administrating. Being equipped to do the work of the ministry seems to be everyone’s ideal goal for church leaders.

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