5 years later…remembering my late pastoral mentor.

Five years ago today, my dear friend and pastoral mentor, Jackson Boyett and his wife, Barbara were hit by a drunk driver and killed just outside Austin, TX where they had lived and ministered at Dayspring Fellowship for almost 30 years.  Jackson was one of the most faithful pastors I have ever known and his death was a devastating loss to me personally.

Those who were readers of the blog this time five years ago, know that many of my posts functioned as a valuable tool of grief for me.

I shared about Jackson and why he was the pastor I said, “I wanted to grow up to be one day.”  I shared about what I learned from him and why he was so uniquely faithful to this calling.  I shared about the gift it was to have known such a man and the opportunity to emulate his example.

In light of this five year anniversary, it has been helpful to revisit several of these posts I wrote to honor Jackson and in doing so, honor the Savior he so faithfully served while here.  I re-read them with the hopes to strive to be as faithful as he was.  I have been freshly reminded of the sovereign, loving God Jackson preached so tirelessly that continues to give me hope in this loss.

I have also shed fresh tears in the process.

I invite you to look at them again and may this man’s pastoral example move you to strive for the same.  If you are reading these posts for the first time, be challenged to shepherd the flock like this man.  Pastors, if we be found half as faithful to shepherd and love people as Jackson Boyett did on behalf of our Chief Shepherd, we would be doing well and having a great kingdom impact to the glory of God.

Below you will find some of my most meaningful posts.  Read, remember, and give thanks to God for the rare example of a real pastor.

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4 comments on “5 years later…remembering my late pastoral mentor.
  1. Max Smith says:

    Thank you, Brian, for these posted comments. At Dayspring, we remember this day with sadness and rejoicing. We seek to honor Jackson and Barbara by honoring their LORD daily.

    “Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts
    Thou fount of life, Thou light of men,
    From the best bliss that earth imparts
    we turn unfilled to Thee again” . . .Bernard of Clairvoux, 1150

    Max Smith
    Elder, Dayspring Fellowship

  2. LAM says:

    I knew Jackson for more than twenty years, the last seventeen of which he was my pastor and one of my closest friends. I met my future wife in Jackson’s church. He counselled us, married us, and was always there for us after that. As a couple, we had a close friendship with Jackson and his precious wife, Barbara. We had them in our home on many occasions, and they had us in their home many times as well.

    Jackson and Barbara also knew my parents, who resided near their home town in West Texas. Jackson drove a long way early in the morning to be there with all of us, and for all of us, when my Dad was in the hospital for the last time. He ministered at my Dad’s funeral, preaching the Gospel faithfully as he always did. Jackson Boyett more than excelled in his calling, and I have never known a Pastor like him.

    It is difficult to explain the kind of void in one’s life that such a close friend of so many years leaves when they are gone, especially given the unique kind of person Jackson was. It is even more difficult to appreciate how important such a friend really is while they are still only a phone call away, and to not take them for granted.

    I think there may be no worse experience than going through the years of such a friendship, assuming that things will always be the way that they are from now on, turning down or postponing invitations to get together because you are too busy, too tired, or whatever, and then suddenly early one morning being awakened by a phone call from a mutual friend with “really horrible news”.

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