Brian Croft speaking at The Gospel Coalition Regional Event in Los Angeles, CA

Come hear Brian Croft speak at The Gospel Coalition Regional Event in Los Angeles, CA this next Tuesday, November 7.  Details and Registration BELOW:

November 7, 2017 |8:30am – 1:00pm
Coordinator: Brian Colmery

Every pastor struggles with demands for his time, and how to determine priorities in ministry. What determines these priorities? Where should a busy pastor look for wisdom in making decisions?  And where can we learn to do these pivotal, practical pieces of shepherding like raising up leaders, visiting the sick, and caring for widows?

Join us for our Fall event to explore these issues with Brian Croft, founder of Practical Shepherding.  We’ve worked to make this event free for members and non-members, and we hope you’ll carve out time to be with us!


Welcome, Singing, and Refreshments

Message 1: The Pastor’s Ministry
The pastor’s life is full of demands on his time.  It’s easy to lose track of what’s important and listen instead to what feels urgent.  Brian will help us understand the most important elements of the pastor’s ministry and give us tools to do them well in the midst of pastoral life.
Short break for refreshments

Message 2: Raising Up Elders & Leaders
Whether you are pastoring a small church or a large one, whether you just arrived at your church or you’ve been there for decades, raising up elders can be a challenge.  In this message Brian will help us understand the priority of raising up leaders and show us how to make it a reality in our local churches.

Break for lunch

Q & A

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