What are some of the blessings of a long pastorate?

We are very excited about this most recent contribution, The Blessings of a Long Pastorate by Pastor John Crotts who has pastored the same church for over 20 years.  Read this article and be encouraged to go, plant, and stay in one place for your life:

“How long should a pastor serve the same church? The Bible doesn’t answer that question. The average length of service for pastors in Protestant churches in America is down to about 4 years. For that to be a true average, think about how many pastors must serve far less than four years. There are plenty of situations and circumstances where a short-term ministry is completely legitimate, such as the Apostle Paul’s short ministries in various places in the Book of Acts.

Certain pastoral blessings happen best in shorter times. An interim pastor, for example, can be greatly used of the Lord to bring needed health and stability to a church during a difficult time of transition, saying important things that an outsider can express easier than an insider.  Although there are true blessings for pastors that serve four years or less, there are other blessings that really begin to accumulate after five years…”

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