How do male pastors care well for women in their churches?

Unfortunately, this picture represents the effort that many male pastors make to care for women in their churches.  Out of caution, too often men overcompensate and leave ladies in the church feeling very relationally uncared for by men.  And yet, in our cultural milieu where accusations of sexual harassment headline each day’s news, pastors must exercise wisdom and discernment in relating to female church members.

How may pastors shepherd female members well in such a context? Do women in our congregation feel neglected in relation to pastoral care? What does Scripture have to say about how pastors should relate to women in their congregation? What role does the pastor’s wife play in determining how a pastor relates to his female congregants? How might a pastor relate to women in his church in a manner that is both properly guarded and biblically relational?

Listen as Brian Croft and Jim Savastio address these issues and more in this podcast.

Listen HERE



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