Did I Kill My Sending Church?

By Brad Walker

This is a complicated question, one that can hardly be answered in a quick yes or no. Before I attempt to answer that and provide some lessons that we’ve learned, a little background.

In the fall of 2013, I came to a three-year-old church plant in Southern Indiana as the Executive Pastor. Not long after, we were ready to send out two local church plants. We had no idea that number would be three.

In April 2015, a few circumstances were sovereignly brought together and the plans for a church plant in a downtown residential area were born. We saw the need and opportunity. We just needed a pastor/planter. After some research (because that’s what Executive Pastors do), prayer, and counsel, it was clear that I was going to be the pastor of this new work. The problem became the timeline. One church had already launched in April and the next was due in September. We set our launch date for October 2015.

This 5-year-old church plant in southern Indiana had planted three new congregations – and in August of 2017 they closed their doors.

It was emotional for the remaining members, for the pastor, and for the churches they were faithful to send out. So the question remains: Did we kill our church by planting so quickly and so close together? This has been difficult for me to wrestle with over the past few months.

Honestly, I think the answer to the question is yes and no…

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