Why did I take July off to care for my own soul?

By: Brian Croft

The end of this month marks the 3rd year in a row I have taken the month of July off from all my ministry responsibilities.  The reason?  Personal soul care and rest.  (Reason from 2 years ago) Here are 10 ways I tried to cared for my own soul this time:

I read 3 main works for fun: a new biography on Bruce Lee, a new book not yet released written by Jeremy Walker on holy determination called Face like a Flint, and the 31 ordination sermons on record of Andrew Fuller.  I hiked with my wife and spent time just hanging out with her.  Played golf and fished with my dad.  Enjoyed my kids.  Listened to podcasts by the pool and got sun (Many health benefits with daily sun).  Evaluated my sleeping and eating habits.  Meditated on the Psalms and read through Romans.  Met with a Christian counselor and close pastor friend for personal soul care.

The Pastor’s Soul just released.  What me and Jim write in this book I seek to practice in my own life.  The pastor must care for his own soul first before he can care for others.  Everyone in my life doesn’t understand why I take a month off every year, but that’s ok.  I do what I need to do to care for my soul so I can hopefully have a long, fruitful ministry.  Pastors, do whatever you must to do the same.

I’m back, feel rested, and ready to go.


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