Meet our Director to the new Practical Shepherding Women’s Ministry

By: Cara Croft

I seem to be in this same situation over and over again. I am sitting in a gathering of people who do not know each other well and there is a time of “introducing ourselves.” I am normally thankful for the helpful prompts such as “tell us where you are from, tell us what you are here studying, tell us your favorite food or color etc.” Sometimes the prompts have been unhelpful. For whatever reason when someone asks me my favorite scripture verse or book of the Bible my brain immediately forgets every book of the Bible and I wonder if I have ever read a scripture verse. Once I was asked to tell a story about a scar, but I physically could not find a scar on my body. All of my scars seem to be emotional ones and not appropriate to share with a group. Yet here I am, again, sitting at a coffee shop trying to find words to introduce myself to you. I cannot look in your face to see if what I share is acceptable, I cannot judge how you will receive me, I cannot see all the warning signs of an introduction gone wrong. It feels intimidating because you all feel big and right now I feel small. What do I have to offer, what am I even doing, am I doomed to fail before I even begin? Anyone out there resonating with me?

Then there is the question of what defines who I am. After all, introductions can be defining moments. I can say: I am a mom, I have four children (3 of which are teenagers with the fourth very close to it). That is a part of who I am.

I am daughter with a mom, a dad and a step-dad, this is a part of my story. I am a sister, step-sister, and sister-in-law. I am a Christian, a beloved and chosen daughter of God. I am married, and I am married to a man who is a pastor, thus making me a pastor’s wife. I am a student, a counselor, a counselee, a friend, and at times an enemy though this is certainly a definition I try my best to avoid.

I can share all of those things with you and yet you still do not know me. Because what defines me is still deeper yet and, in part, I am still figuring it out. Therefore 600 words (the limit of this blog post) will never be enough.

Why do I want to introduce myself to you? Why is this so important to me? Well, because I have met some of you already. I know some of you are lonely, hurting, struggling to cope in this life of ministry to which we have been called. God has given me a desire to want to hear you, to connect with you, to be a “someone” in a time where you may think you have “no one.”

This is the ministry God has laid on my heart to begin, and the men of Practical Shepherding have been gracious to let me come alongside their work and reach out to you women, wives, ladies laboring in the trenches too.

There will be more to come from me but for now, to see what I am doing, check out the new Practical Shepherding website and look under the Women’s Ministry link. This is a work that is just being started, and it is a work in process (as am I and as are you). I appreciate your prayers, I appreciate your feedback, and I look forward to letting you get to know more of who I am. Please take advantage to use this resource we are now offering.

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