How should a pastor give an account for individual souls?

How should a pastor take seriously the sobering task of shepherding the soul of every member of his congregation?

What does exercising spiritual oversight of souls look like in the weekly rhythm of pastoral ministry?

How does a minister prepare to face the day when he will give account for his stewardship of the souls entrusted to him? What are the categories of individual soul-care with which the minister should concern himself?

How might a pastor create an environment in his church conducive to soul-care? What questions might the pastor ask his members in order to care well for their souls? Listen as Brian and Jim explore these questions and more in this podcast.

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One comment on “How should a pastor give an account for individual souls?
  1. The word “pastor” only appears one time and it is a mistranslation. Eph 4:11 Greek word is “poiminas” English word is “Shepherd” That is one of the to jobs of Elders in Acts 20:28 and 1 Peter 5:1. The other job is to oversee. This job is a group of elders not one man. Pastor is a latin word that has been used to keep one man rule rather than elders as Paul said twice. Appoint elders in every city and again appoint elders in every church.

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