Am I A Replanter? (NAMB Conference – March 5-6, 2019)


With 4000 churches a year closing in North America The need for men to replant dying churches has never been greater. Are you a Replanter? We want to help you discover if this is your calling at the national “Am I A Replanter conference” March 5-6 at the North American Mission Board in Alpharetta Georgia. You’ll learn the essential characteristics of a replanter, what it takes to replant in different contexts at the “Am I a Replanter?” National conference. This conference is for replanters and their spouses.

Leading this conference will be Mike McKinley author of “Church planting is for wimps”, and Brian Croft author of “Biblical church revitalization” and Mark Clifton author of “Reclaiming glory” total cost for this conference including meals and Books is only $15.

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