How can a pastor enhance his public preaching ministry on Sunday during the week?

We as pastors preach our hearts out on Sunday, but is there a way to enhance the effect of our Sunday preaching ministry of the word during the week in the lives of our people?  18th century English Baptist pastor, Andrew Fuller says there is, but for some it might be harder work than the work of public preaching:

Another part of our ministry consists in following up the work of preaching, by close conversation in our private visits—Paul taught at Ephesus “from house to house.” It is painful and laborious to a feeling mind to tell persons of their faults, and yet we cannot fulfil our duty without. To introduce personal reflections in public, where no answer can be made, and where the tendency is to expose rather than to reclaim, is mean and unmanly; but it is not so in private; there we must be faithful, and, in order to be faithful, we must be personal. But this is hard work

Indeed it is hard work.  This is why many pastors do not visit their people in their homes.  Allow Andrew Fuller to provide one more motivation to do this hard, but essential work of a pastor’s ministry.

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    powerful lesson about practical shepherding. you may send me more written lessons on my email

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